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Panchavati Rural Development Society is a registered Voluntary Organization under the Andhra Pradesh (Telangana areas) Public Societies Registration Act, 1350 Fasli (Act I of 1350.F) vide Registration No. 4586/94, dt 19-9-1994.

The society is also Registered as a Charitable Institution U/S 12A & 80 G of Income Tax Act 1961 vide F. No. Hqrs.II/12A/80G/89/94-95, dt.06-02-1996. The donations are exempted U/S 80 G vide Commissioner of Income Tax Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh vide sanction Letter No. F. No. DIT (E) /HYD /80G /87(07) /07-08, Dt. 07-01-08. Donations are exempted under Income Tax up to 31-03-2009. 

The society's Permanent Account Number (PAN) : AAA TP 4032 F

The Society got permission to publish News Letter (Monthly Magazine) from Deputy Commissioner of Police (D.C.P.), District Magistrate (Exclusive) / Special Branch City (Exclusive) / Special Branch City, Hyderabad (AP) vide Permission No. 7985/Pess.SB/ 274/ 2002, dt.08-05-2003.

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Panchavati Rural Development Society (PRDS) invites generous and concerned Donors and Funding Agencies to support Panchavati's programs for the poor Children, Youth, Aged, Women and Men living in Slums living below Poverty line.