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About Society
Panchavati Rural Development Society is a registered Voluntary Organization under the Andhra Pradesh (Telangana areas) Public Societies Registration Act, 1350 Fasli (Act I of 1350.F) vide Registration No. 4586/94, dt 19-9-1994.

The society is also Registered as a Charitable Institution U/S 12A & 80 G of Income Tax Act 1961 vide F. No. Hqrs.II/12A/80G/89/94-95, dt.06-02-1996. The donations are exempted U/S 80 G vide Commissioner of Income Tax Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh vide sanction Letter No. F. No. DIT (E) /HYD /80G /87(07) /07-08, Dt. 07-01-08. Donations are exempted under Income Tax up to 31-03-2009.

The society's Permanent Account Number (PAN) : AAA TP 4032 F

The Society got permission to publish News Letter (Monthly Magazine) from Deputy Commissioner of Police (D.C.P.), District Magistrate (Exclusive) / Special Branch City (Exclusive) / Special Branch City, Hyderabad (AP) vide Permission No. 7985/Pess.SB/ 274/ 2002, dt.08-05-2003.
Where do we Work ? [ Top ]

Geographical Area of Operation : The Society is implementing its activities mainly in Two Districts i.e. Hyderabad and Rangareddy Districts in Andhra Pradesh, India.

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Why the Slum Area has Been Selected ?

The main thrust of the Society vision is “Cities Without Slums.” The state capital of Andhra Pradesh is Hyderabad District has many areas are SLUM AREAS in the Heart of the city. Slum People are living in below Poverty line.

They are illiterate, facing constantly health problems and do not have adequate work on hand and as well as no opportunities to increase their PERMANENT income sources. Most of them are rag pickers, beggars and daily wage workers waiting for work on local “Addas” (hiring of manpower on daily wage basis is called Addas) and living in unhygienic conditions in slums..

Hence, the society urges upon to focus on their problems and eradicate the practice of begging and provide an opportunity to become educate, Self Reliant and provide basic facilities through Education & Training & self-employment programmes. Hence, the society prefers to work in Slum and weaker section area in the heart of the city i.e., Hyderabad district.

Why Rural mandals in Rangareddy district is selected ?

The main vision of Society is “Environment Education for all” and also bridge the gap between Government and Rural Community Welfare developmental programmes. The out skirts of Hyderabad District is a polluted Industrial zones in all ways (North, East, West and South). the Industrial Zones are encompasses several major chemical industries and host many pharmaceutical industries.

As an inevitable consequence of concentration of so many industries the whole stretch of villages & hamlets in and around of Rangareddy Mandals are subjected to chaotic proportions of Air, Water & Soil Pollution  due to constant emission of obnoxious vapors and hazardous chemical effluents of these industrial units day in and day out. It is not an exaggeration to say that the entire area stinks and the effect is felt even by casual visitors.

Hence, the Rangareddy Mandals has been selected to work on Health, Environment, Women & Children Welfare and also the Rural Development programmes based on the economic situation  of the Mandals. In Rangareddy District has 32 mandals and each mandal consist of an average 25 villages including Hamlets and Tandas. It is a distance of 20 Kms. range distance and 50 Kms. maximum distance from the Capital City - Hyderabad District.

Vision [ Top ]
  • Cities without Slums.
  • Mobile e-literacy, Digital & Information & Communication Technology Education for all.
  • BRIDGE the GAP between Government & Community Welfare and Developmental Programmes and support the community.
  • Compulsory Education, Skills & Vocational Trainings for Women & Children. Education for all Rural People (ERP) and INCREASE the level of LITERACY. Provide mobile e-literacy, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Computer knowledge at their Doorstep of people (School and trainings on wheels).
  • To Provide Adolescent & Youth Health Education, & Natural Resource Management Education and Offer Diversified Quality Skills Services to Community to Conserve Natural Resources.
  • To Provide Environmental Education In Schools and Promotion of Environment Friendly Technologies for Sustainable Development.
  • To Promote and to work with a diversified agricultural Services for Promotion & growth of agricultural Sector & innovative Women enterprises for Women empowerment.
  • Protect and support to all Aged people and to establish self respect, Hospitality Home for aged persons.
Goals :
  • Women & Children Empowerment
  • Health, Environment & E-literacy Education for all.
  • Conserve and Manage our Natural Resources including Waste Management to Save our  Mother Earth.
Philosophy :

To Involve All category of people and provide an Opportunity through P.R.A / P.I.A. Concept for Self Reliant. Improve the Socio Economic Condition Through their efforts and support Indigenous Knowledge Inherent in the community it self. for the better Quality of Life. Work with sincere, honest, dedication and commitment service to the people at low cost with quality is the motto.
Aims & Objectives (as per Bye-Laws) [ Top ]
  • To promote Social relations among members of the Society.
  • To create brotherhood tolerance and unity among different sections of the society.
  • To function purely as non political organization serving the people without prejudice to their caste and creed or sex.
  • To promote National Integration.
Specific Objectives :
  • Rural Development : To undertake, promote and co-ordinate the programmes of Integrated Rural Development for the Rural Poor, Backward classes of Rural Community and other Disadvantaged sections especially Women.
  • Education : To undertake, promote and co-ordinate Non-formal education, Vocational programmes, Adult education Programmes, run ECO clubs and Balwadi cum Crèche centers in the interest of village poor and downtrodden people.
  • Agriculture : To undertake, promote and co-ordinate training activities relating to Agriculture, Ecological Development of degraded areas & raising of medicinal plants through Permaculture systems. Upgrading technology and productivity and initiating Income Generating programmes for the Rural poor, Backwards classes of Rural Community and other Disadvantaged sections.
  • Health : To undertake, promote and co-ordinate Child and Mother care programmes. Supply of Safe drinking Water and Nutritious Food to the village poor. Initiate Child care programmes for handicapped Children.
  • Housing Training : To promote and co-ordinate the development of (Low cost ) Houses using local materials for the benefit of Rural poor. Training in Thrift and Savings schemes for Self Reliance, Leadership Development Awareness campaigns on Environmental and Health Issues.
  • Others :
    • To arrange and organize lectures, Seminars and workshops in Rural villages etc. for exchange and disseminations of knowledge (Science & Technology) gathered during field work.
    • To conduct essay writing, drawing and debate competitions for school Children on Conservation and Management of Natural Resources and Communal Harmony projects. Award prizes to the winners of such competitions.
    • To bring out a news letter on “Panchavati” Activities on quarterly basis.
    • To undertake, promote, co-ordinate the Urban Poverty alleviation programmes, slums development activities and provide basic amenities to slum dwellers and weaker sections i.e. Drinking water facilities, improve the Sanitary conditions, Mother and Child Care programmes, Basic Education, Vocational Training programmes, Income Generating activities etc. to improve overall development of the slum people irrespective of Caste, Creed, Religion and Sex.
    • To undertake, promote, co-ordinate the Nature conservation programmes like Water Conservation, Energy Conservation, Garbage Management and provide Awareness, Training and Educate the Children, Teachers, Youth and public on “ Environmental Education” in the society irrespective of Caste, Creed, Religion and Sex.
Area of Expertise [ Top ]
  • Working and promoting the activity of Micro credit Assistance programme under the banner of “DHARANI Mahila a credit Co-Operative Sangham (DMCCS)” -(A Commitment to Women Empowerment – Women's Development Bank) through Thrift and credit, Self Help and Income Generating, and Health Education exclusively for Women for Self Reliant.
  • Vocational Training & Computer Education for Women, Youth, and Children to develop their inherent Skills under the Banner of DHARANI International Skills Training Centre – (DISTC)”.
  • Organizing Environment Education in Schools for Children, Teachers and Women under the banner of “DHARANI GREEN KIDS LEAGUE CLUBS (DGKLC)” to promote Environment Education at initial stage itself to bring out an attitudinal change to protect and conserve our natural resources & emphasizing the Waste Management and Water Resource Management.
  • Free Education Under the banner of Panchavati Environment School (PES) (Evening) for Urban Slum Children on Non-formal Education pattern in order to promote Education for all.
  • To promote, coordinate and to implement the various trainings, workshops, seminars, PIA Methods to increase the NGOs capacity Building. The Capacity Building includes Presentation Skills, Project Preparation, Budget with narrative reports, Accounts and utilization of funds etc.
Board Members of the Society [ Top ]
Total Number of Governing Body : 5 (FIVE)

Name Designation
Mr. Atchula Muralidhar Secretary & Chief Functionary :
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Mr.D.V.Subba Rao President
Ms.A. Manorama Vice-President
Mr.L.S.Bhargava Joint Secretary
Mr. V.Gurumurthy Treasurer

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Staff Strength [ Top ]

Volunteers : 5, Part-time: 3, Full Time : 1

The following projects are now running at Micro level under the Society through the Volunteers and nominal paid staff.:

  • Dharani Mahila credit Co-operative Sangham (DMCCS) – A Micro
  • credit Assistance – Women Development Project.
  • Dharani International Skills Training Centre (DISTC) (A commitment to e-literacy & e-learning Education (Mobile & Formal) and a Computer Training & Development Centre)
  • Dharani Green Kids League Clubs (DGKLC) - Environment Education in Schools and Health projects i.e. Reproductive Child, Adolescent Health Education and Health camps (RCH)
  • Dharani Krishi Vigyan Kendra (DKVK) A Micro credit Assistance for Rural Farmers Development Bank.
  • Panchavati Environment School (PES) – Education for Slum Children.
  • Established a Networking Activity under the title of “DHARANI Voluntary Networking Associations (DHAVNA) a state wide networking to promote and develop Sustainability of organizations.
Banking Information [ Top ]
Savings Bank Account No : 3008 201 0034057 (Foreign Funds)

Name of Bank : Syndicate Bank

Name of Branch & address :
Somajiguda Branch
Lumbini Towers
Opp: NIMS Hospitals
Hyderabad-500 082.
Andhra Pradesh, India

Savings Bank Account No : 5511 (Indian Funds)

Name of Bank :
A.P. State Co-operative Bank Limited

Name of Branch & address :

Vidyut Soudha Branch
HYDERABAD – 500 082
Andhra Pradesh, India

Auditor's Information [ Top ]

(w.e.f. F.Y. 2009-2010 onwards)
CA. Bandaru Srinath, FCA, Chartered Accountant
D.No. 17-90, First Floor, Adjacent to Kalaniketan Building
Near Chaitanyapuri Bridge, Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad-500 060.
Email : bandarusrinath@yahoo.com :
Cell : +91-9849118767

References About Society [ Top ]
Sri P.V. Satheesh, Chief Functionary

Deccan Development Society (DDS)
101, Kishan Residency, Street No.5
Begumpet, Hyderabad-500 016
Andhra Pradesh. India

Tel : +91-40-27764577, 27764744
Telefax : +91-40-27764722

e-mail : hyd1_ddshyd@sancharnet.in or hyd2_ddsppvr1@sancharnet.in

website : www.ddsindia.org.in

Dr.Vithal Rajan

Founder-DDS & Confederation of Voluntary Assn.(COVA)
H.NO:3/1 Block-B, 1st Street
Kakatiya Nagar Colony, Habsiguda
Secunderabad-500 007 A.P. India

Tel : +91-40-27 17 28 84

Donor's & Supporters [ Top ]
Foreign Contributions :
  • EnvironmentAL FUND FOR NGOs., ETC-INDIA, New Delhi (Dutch Embassy)

Central Government :

  • Ministry of Environment & Forests, National Environment Awareness Campaign, New Delhi
  • Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of India , New Delhi . (through Mother NGO)
  • National Institute of Nutrition, Tarnaka, Secunderabad
Corporates / Financial Institutions :
  • State Bank of India , Amberpet Branch, Hyderabad-13
  • State Bank of India , Local Head Office. Koti, Hyderabad
State Government :
  • A.P. Pollution Control Board, Head Office, Maitrivanam, Ameerpet, Hyderabad
  • Nodal Officer, A.P. Society for AIDS Control Society, Hyderabad
  • Commissioner, Women Development & Child Welfare Department, Hyderabad
  • Project Co-ordinator, World Bank, ICDS Project, SPMU, Hyderabad
  • Co-ordinator, MLTC-II, College of Home Science, Acharya NG Ranga Agricultural University, Rajendra Nagar, Hyderabad
Individuals & Social Organizations :
  • Academy of Gandhain Studies, Nallakunta, Hyderabad
  • Baghavatula Venkatesh, SBI officer, SBI Colony, New Bakaram, Hyderabad
  • KACHE Memorial Society (Education Wing), Kacheguda, Hyderabad
  • Gandhi Peace Centre, New Nallakunta, Hyderabad
Networking Ngos :
  • Confederation Voluntary Associations (COVA), Charminar Bus Stand, Hyderabad-2
  • CPR Environmental Education Centre, AP State Office, Gunfoundry, Hyderabad
  • Deccan Development Society (DDS), Begumpet, Hyderabad
Philanthropists : ( Above Rs :50,000 & below Rs 2 lakhs )
  • Sri.P. Sri Raghuram, High Court Advocate, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad
  • Sri Kalal Laxma Goud (HUF), M/s. Kalakriti, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad-34
  • Sri D.V. Subba Rao, Madhura Nagar, Sainikpuri, Hyderabad
Contact Person & Office Address [ Top ]

Chief Functionary's Name: Atchula. Muralidhar, Secretary

Panchavati Rural Development Society (PRDS)
H.No: 1-7-215 Flat No: 302, (2nd floor) Crevis Residency
Chaitanyapuri Road no: 9
New Dilsukhnagar, Kothapet
Andhra Pradesh.
Phone : +91-40–6552 9885
Mobile : +91-9296 2008 45

email : panchavati.society@rediffmail.com
website : www.panchavatisociety.org