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Get Involved

PANCHAVATI is working to address the lack of access to the Information and Communication Technology education and related life skills among people who live in rural areas. This leads to underdevelopment, unproductivity & unemployment causing Poverty.

Now, Panchavati, looking for “VOLUNTEERS” from any part of Telangana & Andhra Pradesh States who could help the

VISION : “Transform rural areas are into digitally empowered societies”.

MISSION: To create access and impart Information and Communication

Technology education and life skills training through sustainable technology solutions to the rural people.

If you have passion and are willing to devote about 2-3 hours a day and work with us :

  1. To impart allied Digital Literacy &Skills Training Courses for Rural Children
  2. To work in field on preparation of field Stories on the development of Child & Women;
  4. To prepare an Administrative Reports;
  5. To prepare Computer Literacy Content;
  6. To campaign on FUND RAISING activities etc. are welcome.

Commitment for learning on Rural children inherent talent and willing to work with rural population on any working day Monday to Saturday or even SUNDAY are also welcome.

Please Contact on +91 92 96 200 845 any day by phone between 10 A.M. and 6 P.M. IST. A.MURALIDHAR, SECRETARY, PANCHAVATI RURAL DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY (PANCHAVATI), CHAITANYAPURI, HYDERABAD-60.

Please write to with a brief bio, your present location, languages you speak and number of hours a day you can devote to work with us.

We are grateful to volunteers for sparing their valuable Time& Energy. We try to provide them with a great experience and let them know of the difference they make. We suitably acknowledge their contribution WITH CERTIFICATE. 
Please note that No Remuneration or Salary or Honorarium shall be provided except local Conveyance & logistic expenses reimbursement to volunteers.